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March 07, 2018 - present






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River Guide is my pièce de résistance.

It is an online platform for kayakers, rafters and other whitewater users. We bring together, live river flow information, weather forcasts and rapid guides - everything needed to plan a safe and enjoyable trip to the river.

This is the first applicatation I ever tried to create before I even knew what a web application was! It's safe to say that I jumped into the deep end. That initial site was a clunky html, css, javascript mess but it was not a total failure. I learned the product space, things which were important to users and things which weren't. I took it to the people and got feedback.

After 4 interations! With a 5th in planning stage (watch this space), River Guide is really becoming a tool that users love to interact with, with great features to get the job done. This most recent iteration is build using React and Typescript with a Strapi CMS backend. River flows are collected and served by a custom C++ API crawler with room to plugin new sources as they arise (private / enterprise river data).

Check out the live development deploy here!

River Guide has been with me my entire development career and just like me, it keeps improving and apapting to the changes in the technological landscape.

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