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Songbook solves real world - tangile - problems.

When my family gets together, we have a sing-a-long (it;s an Irish thing). My father plays the guitar, there's a bodhrán, a violin - I even play the harmonica. We have drinks and sing and be merry. It's great fun.

Over the years, various aunties and cousins have printed out sets of song books to keep track of our favourit songs and to help with lyrics and chords. These books inevidibly get lost or destroyed in the chaos. I thought that I could do better.

On it's face, Songbook is a simple CRUD application - and it is, but with this project, my mandate was User Driver Design. I ran two usability workshops and got great ideas and directions by engaging directly with my users. This was a simple project from a technical perspective, but I spent a lot of time working to understand use cases and learning UX patterns. Importantly, I familiarised myself with Material Design components and design patterns and have been able to apply that understanding towards other products, both personal and professional.

The final result is something we' are all proud of because we were all included in the design process.

Have a look (and maybe a sing-a-long) here.

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